AMERICAN GLORY 1:4 Statue Polystone Resin Pre-Order

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Pre-Order OPEN for Licensed White Widow 1:4 Statue from Absolute Comics. (this pre-order now includes the first two of three payments as of Jan 10 2022 for 666.00. )

Final Price: USD 999.00. Plus PayPal fees and shipping. -no refunds once ordered-


If you are new and are purchasing after Jan 10 the first two deposits will be collected at check out. Totaling 666.00. The remaining Deposit will be collected on March 18th 2022.

Final Price: USD 999.00. Plus PayPal fees and shipping. -no refunds once ordered-

There is a payment plan of 3 payments, 1st payment will be made through the website, 2nd and 3rd payment, via PayPal.

1. Payment one 333.00 USD for the deposit. Due upon going into pre -production (this is the creation of the master and the molds for production)

2. Payment two 333.00 USD for the Production to begin at the factory. (this is where the magic happens as each sculpture is hand painted by our awesome painters)

Collecting January 18th 2022

3. Payment three 333.00 USD is the final payment for shipping and delivery. (the shipping costs will be added at this point. We need a final weight on the box for the drop shipping costs from our factory)

Collecting March 18th 2022


Shipping charged when statue is ready to ship

These Statues will be very limited to a production run of 40 to 100 pieces. These statues are being produced in partnership with CBS Labs We do need 40 orders before we can go into production. We have as of right now about 20-25 orders from our awesome collectors.

There will be two awesome versions created. The White Combat Suit and the Black Stealth Suit.

The first is the Traditional White Widow Combat suit Gabby wears in the comics. This suit is combo of a Satin White and silver finish with Gabby's signature white hair. The armor shoulder and near armor is titanium. The cybertech base to this sexy and powerful piece is white with awesome Red LED Lights.

The second statue is Gabby wearing her fearsome black stealth suit. This suit is a combo of a black satin finish and black carbon in the Nano tech parts of the suit. On the Stealth Suit Gabby’s eyes will be the White widow red. Gabby’s eyes change to this color when she is in stealth mode. The armor is titanium. The cyber tech base to this sexy and powerful piece is a matte black with awesome Red LED Lights.

The statue was designed by Jamie Tyndall one of the Creators of White Widow which is an Absolute Comics Property with a partnership from CBS labs. We are both extremely excited to present not only two awesome limited statues. But also the very first White Widow statues and Figures to ever be produced.

You will also get the opportunity to see the process as we go with regular updates on the progress of the statues. I am so excited to show you these and wanted to give a huge thank you to our sculpting team at CBS.

Colors: you can choose between White Combat and Black Stealth versions

Size: 1/4 scale (21 inches tall) Each statue will be numbered as well according to the production run.

Features LED LIGHTS on the Base

Delivery is Estimated to be Q3 and Q4 2022

Every buyer will get an EXCLUSIVE original Jamie Tyndall numbered Metal 11x17 Art Print featuring the statue design.

If you want to check out our partner CBS labs visit them on their Facebook page at CBS Labs . Click Here to check them out.