T-Force Taylor Pool #2 Grey Suit Trade

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T-Force Taylor Pool #2 Grey Suit Trade

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After the success of Taylor Swift's initial comic book biography, TidalWave unveils a new 22-page sequel spotlighting her philanthropic endeavors. Her story simply couldn't be contained within a single issue. In celebrity philanthropy, few names shine as brightly as Taylor Swift's. Beyond her chart-topping albums and record-breaking tours, Swift has carved a remarkable legacy through her benevolent acts, demonstrating a commitment to positively impacting the lives of her fans and contributing to various charitable causes. This comic biography explores Taylor Swift's philanthropic endeavors, highlighting her remarkable generosity and personal connections with fans. The latest comic book, spanning 22 pages, adopts a manga-style approach courtesy of Lucy Fidelis, distinguishing it from its predecessor, while featuring a cover crafted by renowned comic book artist Pablo Martinena.

But that's not all – rumor has it that Taylor Swift will be gracing the big screen as Dazzler in the upcoming Deadpool 3 movie! Be ahead of the curve with this limited edition cover, as only 50 copies are being printed for this exclusive eBay special.

Inside, you'll find 22 pages packed with content celebrating Taylor Swift's incredible career, including detailed biographies that have been featured in top publications like Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, People, and Time magazines. From her record-breaking tours to her philanthropic efforts, this comic book is a tribute to Taylor's influence as an artist and role model.

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by Jamie Tyndall

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