2021 Purgatori #1 Blood Virgin

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Purgatori #1 Blood Virgin - LIMITED TO 150 TRADES

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Purgatori is still haunted by the nasty mind worm of Lilith, eating away at her willpower. Next she's got a coven of witches after her body for perverse rituals. All of this and Tori's unique brand of vampirism is reaching a breaking point. Not only does she suck the blood of her victims, but she also absorbs their minds and souls. Now as she comes up on over 2000 years walking the Earth, the chaos and discord of all those voices, personalities, and drives threaten to break her.
Sounds like the perfect opportunity for some introspection and maybe therapy, right? Fans can get ready for page after page of bloody mayhem instead! Fans of the character new and old will get the chance to really dig into the essence of the character, on top of the explosive action that any good Chaos title delivers.
“Purgatori’s always been a wild one, and now that she’s got a solo book we’re finally going to get a chance to get into the deepest, weirdest parts of her 2000 year-old mind," said writer Ray Fawkes. "This is going to be a Hell of a ride!”
The series will be a perfect jumping on point, but also loosely following from the fan-favorite Vampirella vs Purgatori. With the reuniting creative team of writer Ray Fawkes (Justice League Dark, Black Hammer), artist Alvaro Sarraseca, colorist Salvatore Aiala, and letterer Tom Napolitano, the chemistry is set for another exciting tale.
With the legendary pedigree of the Chaos characters, a new Purgatori series isn't complete without a murderer's row of talented cover artists. Antonio Fuso of G.I. Joe: Cobra fame and the upcoming James Bond: Himeros contributes the lead. While Carlo Pagulayan and Russell Fox return following Vampirella vs Purgatori. A very exciting cover features cosplay by Nerdy Nereid, a treasured rarity for Chaos fans!